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Care, growing & types

Rose, queen of Flowers - The secrets of nature (Video 51')

Types Of Roses (Video 10')

How To Grow Roses - This Is What Professionals Do! (Video 10')

Bouquet de roses par Paul Cézanne
Rose bouquet by Paul Cézanne ©

Deadhead Roses for More Flowers (Video 8'30)

How to Grow Roses From Cuttings Fast and Easy | Rooting Rose Cuttings with a 2 Liter Soda Bottle (Video 28')

Roses dans un verre Camille Pissaro
Roses in a glass by Camille Pissaro ©

Pests & diseases

Insect Pests of Roses (Vidéo 4'30)

How to Control Diseases and Pest Problems in Rose Plant (Video 10'25)

Rose pest control guide (Slideshow 8'40)

Roses et statuette Paul Gauguin
Roses and statuette by Paul Gauguin 1889 ©

Black Spot Roses Treatment (Video 10'25)

4 Rose Problems (Video 6'15)

Renoir roses dans un vase
Roses in a vase by Pierre-Auguste Renoir ©


How to Prune Roses: the Beginners Guide (Vidéo 6'20)

How to prune your climbing rose (Vidéo 11')

Roses de Noël Claude  Monet
Christmas r oses by Claude Monet 1883 ©

When And How To Prune A Rose Bush (Vidéo 10'50)

How to prune a Rose bush to encourage more blooms (Vidéo 4'20)
Roses par Berthe Morisot
Roses by Berthe Morisot 1894 ©

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