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Harry Pattison Plantes d'intérieur devant un désert
House plants in front of a desert by Harry Pattison ©

Scanned books

House plants : the complete guide to choosing, growing and caring for indoor plants ¤<O>¤ Growing house plants ¤<O>¤ How to grow plants in pots ¤<O>¤ The complete guide to growing windowsill plants ¤<O>¤ House plants a guide to choosing & caring for indoor plants ¤<O>¤ Houseplants : to add style & glamour to your home - The inspired house plant ¤<O>¤ Encyclopedia of house plants ¤<O>¤ The healing power of plants ¤<O>¤ Practical house plant book ¤<O>¤ The inspired houseplant ¤<O>¤ What's wrong with my houseplant? ¤<O>¤ Urban botanics and indoor plant guide for modern gardeners ¤<O>¤ Plant love : how to care for your houseplant


How to Acclimate Indoor Seedlings to Outdoors (Hardening Off) (Video 4'20)

Houseplants care tips for beginners (Video 8'25)

15 easy care houseplants: favorites in it for the long haul (Video 17')

Boris Taslizky nature morte aux oranges
Still life with oranges by Boris Taslitzky ©

How to care for indoor houseplants (Video 10')

Best Low Light, No Fuss Houseplants (Video 10')

Plants that can help Prevent Mosquitoes at Home (Video 6')

Boris Taslizky nature morte aux oranges
Flowers in a pot, roses and fog by Claude Monet 1878 ©

Keep The Mosquitoes Away With These Plants (Video 3'10)

(Video ')

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