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Bonsaï & Suiseki

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Bonsai, suiseki about


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Bonsaï par Walter Pall ©

Suiseki or "landscape stone"

AFAS French Association of Suiseki amateurs : a gallery, events, documentation...
Dave Sampso Suiseki Chinese Stones - Historic Stone - Japanese Stones - Other Stones - BonsaiTrees
Nippon Suiseki Association The japanese Mecca of art of suiseki
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Vlamerlere A beautiful presentation of the art of suiseki, its philosophy
Wikipedia History of suiseki, or stone worked by the elements and presenting particular forms

Scanned books

Bonsai ¤<O>¤ The bonsai workshop ¤<O>¤ Bonsai : special techniques ¤<O>¤ The art of bonsai ¤<O>¤ Growing bonsais indoor ¤<O>¤ Herbal bonsai : practicing the art with fast-growing herbs ¤<O>¤ Indoor bonsai : how to succeed with bonsai grown inside your home ¤<O>¤ Bountiful bonsai : create instant indoorcontainer gardens with edible fruits, herbs and flowers ¤<O>¤ The japanese art of stone appreciation

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