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Sewing and patterns

About Sewing - Sewing definitions and terms - Sewing lessons Lesson 1 - Getting Prepared Sewing Lesson 2 - Cutting And Sewing Begins Sewing Lesson 3 - Corded Pillow Sewing Lesson 4 -Seams And Seam Finishes Sewing Lesson 5 - Using a Purchased Pattern (with the shopping list for the next lesson) Sewing Lesson 6 - Lay Out And Cutting Sewing Lesson 7 - Marking Sewing Lesson 8 - Robe Upper Pocket Sewing Lesson 9 - Lower Pocket Sewing Lesson 10 - Shoulder Seams And Band Preparation Sewing Lesson 11 - Attaching the Band Sewing Lesson 12 - Sleeves, Side Seams, Belt
Projects Index Sorted by Degree Of Difficulty Beginner Projects  Sachets - Craft Tool And Paint Brush Holder  - Scented Hot Pad - Envelope Back Pillows  - Trick Or Treat Loot Bag - Tea Bag Halloween Costume - Pot Holders - Cloth Napkins - Basic Seam Finishes - Bonnet Needle Book - Polarfleece Feather Duster - Beginners Sewing Tips And Projects  - Kids Summer Sewing Community Service Project  - Zippered Travel Pouches - Tooth Fairy Pillow - Mason Jar Fabric Lid Covers  - Fabric Paint And Applique Tee Shirt - Children's Summer Clothing - Keep Em Cold Can Wraps - Grapes Halloween Costume  - Table Centerpiece  - Draft Stopper Snake  - One Yard Apron  - Beach Bag - Laying Out A Pattern  - Pattern Symbols  - Stay Stitching  - Halloween Nurse Costume  - Potpourri Pie! - Baby Blankets - Hood Scarf  - Sewing Shank Buttons - Sewing Flat Buttons - Let's Talk About Sewing Hems - Little Book Transport Sack - Mastering Sewing Machine Controls - Simple Tote Bags - Zipped Up Bags - Dressed Up Kerchief - Fabric Gift Bags For Bottles - Heart Novelty Pillow - Corded Pillow Sewing Lesson - Sewing Lesson 4 - Seams And Seam Finishes - Fuzzy Dice - Make Corded Pintucks - Embellished Pillow Front - From Baby Blanket To Toddler Poncho! - Great Tips Submitted By Gloria! - Flanged Pillows - Paint Brush Holder - Dish Liquid Apron - Windshield Visor CD Holder - Fleece & Cotton Blanket - Cat Mouse Toy - Pillow with Inset Color - Embellish Garments with Frayed Patches - Insulated Two Liter Bottle Covers - Fluted Toddler Hat - Apron & Oven Mitt -- Sew News - Sew Your Own Purse - Sew News Magazine - Keep Your Cool! - Sew News Magazine - Pillow Party - Sew News Magazine - At Home: Made for Shade - Sew News Magazine - Teen Scene - Patchwork Purse - Neck & Face Warmer - Pocket Pack Tissue Cover - Home-office Accents - Sew News
Intermediate Projects Tips and Tricks for Making Children's Pajamas - Child's Art Apron - Sleeve Protectors - Foot Ball Throw Pillow - Robot Costume - Soft Sculpture Santa Ornament - Soft Sculpture Mrs. Santa Ornament - French Seams - Flat Felled Seams - Ruffles And Gathers - Dog Bone Neck Pillow - Make Your Own Hanging Dish Towels - Easter Kite - Educational Toy Snake  - Embellished Sweat Shirt - Stay Put Picnic Tablecloth and Bench Covers  - Crib Dust Ruffle  - Towel Baby Bibs - Revamping A Sleeping Bag - Halloween Costume Tails  - Sewing Slippers  - Candy Cane with Loads of sparkle  - Duvet Covers - Flanged Pillow Sham - Pleated Dust Ruffle - Buttonholes - Baby Grab Ball - Create You Own Fabric - Pumpkin Decoration  - Child's Fabric Shapes Book!  - Dressed Up Sweat Shirt!  - Elf Costume Shoes - Kitchen Curtains - Ending Serged Seams - Clothes Pin Bag - Make An Eye Glass Case - Insulated Lunch Sack - Animal Ears - Fabric Tissue Box Covers! - Valentine's Treat Bag Or Purse  - Kitchen Small Appliance Covers - Make Corded Pintucks - Satin Stitch, Applique And Decorative Stitches - Sewing Machine Accessory Organizer - Fur Steering Wheel Cover - Happy Spring Yard Flag! - Sew A BBQ Apron - Fabric Checkbook Cover - Make An American Flag - Wedding Ring-bearer Pillow  - Make Your Own Label  - Valentines Day Flag  - Halloween Spider Costume - Little Black Bag - Insulated Totes For Soda & Water Bottles - Ruffled Brim Toddler Hat - Soft & Cuddly--A chenille-trimmed quilt and matching pillow - Notebook Pencil & Pen Holder with Two Compartments - Cell Phone Case - Advanced Projects  Christmas Tree Skirt  - Covering Cording and Piping  - Ruffled Pillows - Zippered Binder Cover - Spiffy Clown Tips - Halloween Flower Costume - Basketball Pillow - Sew Your Own Durable Back Pack - Make Your Own Iron Caddy - Travel Games  - Dinosaur Halloween Costume  - Make Your Own Removable Cushion Covers - Part 1 - Make Your Own Removable Cushion Covers - Part 2 - Bound Buttonholes - Any Size Snow Pants - Cutting And Sewing Fake Fur - Embellished Pillow Front - Book Cover With Handles By Lee
General Interest Alterations, Design and Accuracy - No Sew Sewing - Singer Treadle Sewing Machine 15-30 - Pokemon Halloween Costumes -  Halloween Sewing - Sewing Machine Trouble Shooting - Fabric And Grainlines! - A Quick Cookie Recipe - Tracking Down A Discontinued Pattern - Sewing For Charity - Christmas Stockings  - Sewing Machine Buying Tips - Baskets And Kits For Gifts - Keeping Halloween Economical - Fabric Embellishment - Sewing Machine Opinion Survey - Understanding Serging and Overlocking - Christmas Angels - Sewing Rooms - Fabric Christmas Cards! - Free Stuff On The Internet Books - Basic Sewing Machine Maintenance - Sewing Auctions - Choosing Patterns and Altering Patterns  - Top Of The Line Embroidery Machines - Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts  - Yardage Conversion Chart - Make Your Own Thread Racks - Serger/Overlock Survey - Color Copier Transfer Paper - Locating A Sewing Machine Manual - Kids And Crafts - Salvaging Sewing Machines - Back To School Sewing - Sunshine Reactive Sewing - Hang Man  - Sewing Flat Trims And Braid - Fabric Stash Space Saving Tip - Halloween 2000 - Press, Pressing, Pressed!  - Fabric Savvy By Sandra Betzina  - Local Learning Experience  - Thread - Seeing Is Believeing  - February's Snail Mail Box - A Day Exploring Bernina! - Easing Verses Gathering - How Old Could It Be? - Grading And Under Stitching Facings - Save Time, Needles And Your Machine! - Bed Linens Decorate the Bathroom - Save Time, Needles And Your Sewing Machine!  - Halloween Costumes, Inspiration and Books - US Flag Etiquette - Sharing Sewing Experience - Bed Linens Decorate the Bathroom - Sew News Magazine - The Basics: Markings - Setting Pronged Snaps -  Preparing for Next Year - How to Use a Needle Threader - Setting Pronged Snaps  - Fabric Bowls Become Fabric Baskets - Staying Home and Achieving an Education
Baby Lock Sewing Machine Projects  Projects are now posted in pdf format.
Summer sidewalk Fun (pdf) - Wash Me, Wear Me Travel Laundry Bags (pdf) - Easy Dimensional Bow Tie Quilt (pdf) - Horatio Wall Pockets - . Notice : you'll find much more on the web site!
Dreams of Lace - Christiane Eichler's site includes her German-to-English and English-to-German dictionaries of fibercraft terms., serch motor on decoration, furnitures....
Dutchman Designs : holland patterns. Patrons hollandais, from USA !
Encyclopedia Smithsonian: hints on storing antique textiles in the home
Fabric Link Fiber characteristics # Natural Fibers Angora # Camel Family: Camel, Alpaca, Llama, Vicuna # Cashmere # Cotton # Hemp # Linen # Mohair # Other Plant Fibers (Abaca, Banana, Pineapple) # Ramie # Silk # Wool - # Manufactured Fibers Acetate # Acrylic # Elastoester # Lyocell # Nylon # PLA Fiber (corn polymer) # Polyester # Polyolefin (Olefin) # Rayon # Spandex # Triacetate - -New!
Fanci That Patterns collection of whimsical, folk art and holiday needle art designs.
Examplar's Stitchery Page - For lovers of samplers. There is information about the Ann Holewill sampler. There are also pictures of her own projects and a list of Needlework Guilds.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Documents for the rec.crafts.textiles.needlework newsgroup have conversion charts, magazine lists, mail order lists, guild lists, and many other collections of information.
Grace's homepage Sewing Pages # Evils of Fabric # Story of a Stitcher # Fabric Buying Reasons # Uses for Dryer Lint # Sewing Tips # Sewing Links # Uses for Dryer Sheets # Fabricholic Test - Sewing Machines Sewing Machines
IANR Textiles, Clothing & Design Preparing Fabric for Use - Sewing With Knit Fabric - Lining a Jacket or Coat - Interfacings - Seam Finishes for a Plain Seam - Sewing With Plaids - Pressing Methods - Sewing for Children - Seam Finishes - Follow That Grainline - Short Cut Tailoring Techniques- Finishing The Hem - Short Cut Tailoring Techniques- Shoulder Shapes - Short Cut Tailoring Techniques- Under and Uppercollar Units - Topstitching - Sewing Ups and Downs- Placement of Fabric and/or Garment Pieces for Machine Sewing - Sewing With Stripes - Sewing With Denim - Thread Facts - Sewing With Micro-Fibers - Buying a Serger - What You Ought to Know About Sewing Machine Needles - Sewing with Elastic - Sewing with Sand-washed Fabrics - Sewing with Rayon Challis - Sewing with Knits - Sewing with Silky Textured Fabrics - Sewing with Outerwear Sports Fabric - Sewing with LycraŽ Blends - Sewing with TencelŽ - Sewing with Microfibers - Sewing with Velvet - Sewing with Velveteen - Sewing with Voile - Stain Removal for Washable Fabrics - Moth Protection for Woolen Apparel - Removing Smoke Odors from Clothing - How to Minimize Mildew Damage to Clothing - Emergency Flood Information - Salvaging Damaged Clothing - Clothing Labels - Conservation of Textile Items - Making Choices About Cleaning Flood Damaged Bedding and Household Linens - Making Choices About Salvaging Flood Damaged or Wet Furniture 0.00 *NF200 Making Choices About Salvaging Wet or Flood Damaged Carpet - Wool and Wool Blends - Ineffectiveness of Home Remedy Dye Setting - Ramie (Ray-Me) 0.00 *NF47 Micro-Fibers - Tencel Lyocell, the New Generic Fiber - Accent on Accessories - Older People: Where Should They Go for Clothes? - Color and Fabric to Slenderize - Selecting Adjustable Clothes - Analyzing Color in Your Wardrobe - Design Lines to Slenderize
International Linen Registry Needleart Museum - Pictures of their displays, and an article on Textile Care. (USA)
Jacqui's Pages - Jacqui Goulbourn's site describes needlework activities.
Judy's Temari Website - Temari examples and instructions. (Canada)
Lesa Steele Designs - Sampler designs. There is also a reference article about Hardanger, an article on how to publish your own designs, and a free chart. (USA)
Lilo's home page Vienne, Austria
Little Sayings - Collection of sayings suitable for needlework projects.
Marie Yolande sewing travels
Martha Beth Lewis' Piano, Needlework, and Chocolate Home Page - Tips, charts and pictures. Information about The Business of Needlework and Copyright and Needlework.
Marijke de Boer, Netherlands
Needlecrafting with Teresa Learn all the different seam finishes. - Learn what the pattern symbols mean. - Learn about pattern layout. - Lining a Jacket How to select, prepare and apply interfacing to enhance garment quality - Clothing & Fabric Care - Preparing Fabric For Use - Pattern Layout for Fabric with "nap" - Sewing Tips - Sewing Lessons - Sewing 101 - Free projects, needlework information.
Robert Tusler's Home Page - Information about needlepoint. There is also a picture of his Knot Garden
Shepherd's Bush Unofficial Site - Fan site for the Shepherd's Bush designs.
Simplicity Sewing basics Fabric Tips :: Sewing Sheer Fabrics :: Tips for Sewing Fleece :: Working with Satin Fabrics - Fitting :: Get the Perfect Fit on Pants :: Custom Fit for Tailored Jackets :: What are Darts? - Fusing & Pressing :: Fuse Hints #1 :: Fuse Hint #2 :: Tips for Pressing - Fleece: Tips & Techniques :: Stitching + Applique :: Fleece for Pets :: Weaving Workshop :: Decorative Edges :: Fleece as Trim :: Attention to Detail - Garment Details :: Creating the Broomstick Look :: Easy Machine Hems :: Handling Bias Seams :: Interfacing :: Making a Bound Buttonhole :: What are Darts? :: What is "Seam-Allowance?" :: What is "Stay-Stitching?" :: Sewing Pleats - Zipper Techniques :: Zippers :: How to Insert an Invisible Zipper - Glossary :: Glossary of Terms :: What is Bias Tape? - -New!
Simply Samplers - Information about samplers and about needlework in general. (UK)
Steph's Home Page - Has free needlework charts and information about tatting and lace making.
Stitch In Time - Online discussion forum.
Temari Canada - Resources for Canadian temari artists. (Canada)
The Webstitcher's Sourcebook - Color theory, DMC to HTML color conversions, stitchery related clip art.
Told in a Garden - The home of Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum's "Told in a Garden", "Lavender & Lace", and "Butternut Road" designs. Free christmas angel charts, one chart for each year starting with 1986. There is also a page listing alternate skin colors. (USA)
Yahoo Image Surf - Has needlework pictures in their "Arts:Textiles" category.


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