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ACS Atlanta Carpet Services - Floor Covering Information - GENERAL FLOORING TOPICS Carpet Maintenance - Examining the "Dalton Deal" - General Flooring Ideas - Quick Estimating, Part 1  - Vinyl floors, Uses & Limitations Part 1  - CARPET CLEANING / CARE Carpet Cleaning Methods, An Overview - Furniture indentations - Mold & Mildew  - Pet Stains on carpet  - Re-occurring spots & wicking  - Soiling , crushing, & matting  - Spot & stain complaints  - Traffic lane discoloration & yellowing  - Water spots & rings  - Yellowing complaints  - CARPET WEARABILITY / APPEARANCE Carpet construction & wearability  - Evaluating carpet appearance retention - Furniture indentations  - Soiling , crushing, & matting  - Static Electricity  - Traffic lane discoloration & yellowing  - Yellowing complaints  CARPET TYPES, STYLES, FIBERS, & CHARACTERISTICS Carpet Flammability  - Shedding from staple yarns  - Static Electricity - CARPET INSTALLATION RELATED INFO. Carpet installation on stairs  - Carpet installed over carpet  - Cold Season Installation Part 1  - Cold Season Installation Part 2  - Direct glue-down v.s. cushion  - Outdoor installation guidelines  - HEALTH RELATED / INDOOR AIR QUALITY / CARPET ODORS Dispelling carpet allergy concerns  - More on allergy concern  - CARPET UNDERLAYMENT (PADDING) Carpet cushion (padding) Basics   
Carpet Guru Home and Introduction - Carpet Scams  - The Seven Carpet Truths that You Should Know - Why Buying Carpet on the Net is Not a Good Idea - Important Carpet Installation Guidelines - Meet the Carpet Installer From Hell - See what a Knee Kicker Looks Like - A Power Stretcher is a Must on Your Job - Learn About the Newest Fiber Technology - Learn More about Carpet Dyeing, and Color Trends  - How to Tell if a Carpet is Well Made - Picture of A Berber Carpet - Picture of a Plush Carpet - Picture of a Textured Plush - Warning about velvet plush carpet - Everything There is to Know About Carpet Padding (Cushion) - Froth Foam a Special Type of Carpet Padding - How to Shop for Carpet - Where to Shop for Carpet - Is That Carpet Warranty Worth Anything? - The Latest Industry News that YOU should Know - Where is the CAREPTGURU Located? - What is the Carpetguru's Backgound? - Who is the Carpetguru? - Learn More about Oriental Rugs - Learn Why Prefinished Hardwoods are Better - If You Think You've Read it All, Take My Test - Emergency Stain Kit New!
Carpet Institute  Installation Tips & Facts - Methods - Installing Attached Cushion Carpet - Guidance for Re-stretching - Floor Preparation - Installing Patterned Carpet, - Carpet Over Heated Floors - Installation Over Concrete - Installation Essential Points - Spot Solver - Difficult Stains - Pet Stains - Water Damaged Carpet - Facts About Carpet Care - Keeping Rugs Beautiful - Selecting carpet: Residential - Commercial - Rugs - Benefits of Carpet & Rugs - Carpet Terms - Indoor Air Quality - FAQ - New Trends - Designer Tips - Design it Yourself - Selecting Carpet - Selecting Cushion - Performance Rating - Carpet 'Trouble Shooting' - Clearing the Air in Your Home - Consider Your Pets - Carpet Over Heated Floors - Insects and Carpet - RUGS - Design with Rugs - Construction & Fiber - Styles - Selecting Underlayment/Cushion - Spot Solver - Difficult Stains - Pet Stains - Water Damaged Carpet - Facts About Carpet Care - Basic Vacuuming - Methods of Cleaning - Selecting a Carpet Cleaning Professional - Soiling Around the Edges - Keeping Rugs Beautiful New!
CFI Certified Floorcovering Installers. CERTIFICATION FORMS: Application & Proof  .pdf - Info Update Form  .pdf - Renewal Form  .pdf - BUSINESS FORMS: Cost of Business  .pdf - Cost of Equipment  .pdf - Establish Cost of Service  .pdf - Habitat for Humanity  .pdf - HAZCOM Plan (Sample) Text File - Installer Bill of Rights - Price Graph  .pdf - Retailer Price Chart  .pdf - Selling CFI  .pdf - Selling Installation  .pdf - INDUSTRY RESOURCES: Mill 800 Numbers - OSHA 3165 Poster  .pdf - OSHA Website - White Paper : Moisture  .pdf - EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES: Attached Cushion - CFI Installer Dictionary - CFI True-Cut Method - Commercial Workshop - Woven Carpet - Writing Proposals  
Deco Etch This section provides the step-by-step instructions for successfully Deco-Etching your concrete  
Diynet Network Complete Care, repair and maintenance Floor-Care Basics - Staining a Garage Floor - Patching Vinyl Flooring - Painting a Garage Floor - Fixing Squeaky Floors - Cleaning Floors - Cleaning Kitchen-Floor Grout - Repairing Damaged Hardwood Floor Tiling tecniques and tips Tiling Basics - Floor Tile Removal - Tiling a Foyer - Tiling a Den - Tiling a Porch - Tiling a Cabin Bathroom Floor - Tiling a Basement Floor - Painted Tile Floor Carpet and hardwood how-tos Installing a Hardwood Floor - Installing Wall to Wall Carpet Flooring decor Floor Decor - Floor Canvas - Unusual Floor Coverings More flooring projects Floor Upgrades, Pt. I - Floor Upgrades, Pt. II - Laying Down a Garage Floor - Laying a Porch Floor and Border Tiles - Building a Stage Laying vinyl and laminate Installing Vinyl Flooring - Laminate Flooring - Sheet-Vinyl Floor Makeover - Laminate Floor Choices Fashionable floor Installing a Modular-Design Tile Floor - Installing a Mixed-Medium Floor - Hardwood Floor with Tile Inlay New!
Do it Yourself  Installing Ceramic Floor Tile - Ceramic Tile Floors: Introduction: Get an overview of safety information, common mistakes, and the materials you will use to create custom tile flooring.- Tools And Materials Checklist: .- Surface Preparation: .- Layout: - Installing: . - Cutting and Trimming: - Grouting: - Tile Countertops: Flooring with an Edge: - Ceramic Tile a Great Choice For Floors
Carpeting Decorating with Carpet: - Area Rug Facts & Tips - Tips for Purchasing and Installing New Carpet - Area Rugs Are Increasingly Under Foot - Selecting Decor First: - The Decorating Room Plan: - Carpeting and Maintenance: - Carpeting and Atmosphere: - Carpeting and Sense of Space: - Carpeting and Lifestyle: - Carpeting and Mood: - Choosing Carpet Size: - Choosing Carpet Color: - Choosing Pattern or Plain: - Choosing Carpet Texture: - Choosing Fiber and Density: - Carpet Stain Pre-testing and Removal - General Carpet Care and Cleaning - Carpet Problems and Solutions Miscellaneous Carpet Pages: - All-Weather Carpeting Removal - Attaching Free Formed Carpet - Basement Carpet - Carpet Dyeing - Coddling Your Carpet - Colors, Fibers and Warranties, What You Need to Know When Carpet Shopping - Common Carpet Repairs - Floor Covering Will Be More Dramatic - Frequently Asked Questions About Floor Covering - How to Install Carpet - Leave Carpet Stretching to Pros - Patching Carpet - Resurrecting Your Rugs - Seller is Faced with Lawsuit Over Stained Carpet - What is the Secret to Carpet Longevity? - What to Look for When Buying Carpet Laminate Floor - How To Pages Installing a Tongue and Groove Floor - Interactive Tutorial - Installing Resilient Floor Tile - Interactive Tutorial - Installing Ceramic Floor Tile - Interactive Tutorial - The Basics of a Laminate Floor - Cleaning and Maintaining a Laminate Floor - Laminate Floor Installation Tips - Laminate Flooring - Basic Overview - Preparation - Plank Installation Procedure - Designer Tile Installation Procedure - Large Plank Installation - Plank Replacement - Designer Tile Replacement - Facts About Glueless Laminate Flooring - Laminate Flooring in Detail Vinyl Floors Pages Installing a Tongue and Groove Floor - Interactive Tutorial - Installing Resilient Floor Tile - Interactive Tutorial - Installing Ceramic Floor Tile - Interactive TutorialVinyl Floors Pages with Optional Animation - Installing Resilient Floor Tile - Installing Vinyl Cove Molding
Vinyl Sheet Vinyl Flooring: Introduction: Get a heads up on what you will be doing, important safety tips, and a glossary of useful terms. - General Preparation: - Preparing the Floor: - Making the Template: - Cutting the Vinyl: - Installing the Flooring: - Tools and Materials Checklist: T Self-Adhesive Vinyl Tiles: Introduction: - General Preparation: - Floor Preparation: - Laying the Tiles: - Replacing Trim: - Tools and Materials Checklist: - Introduction: - General Preparation: - Preparing the Floor: - Making the Template: - Cutting the Vinyl: - Installing the Floor: - Tools and Materials Checklist: Miscellaneous Vinyl Floors Pages: - Asphalt Tile FAQ - Replacing Damaged Vinyl Tiles - Maintaining Resilient Floor Covering - New Life for Old and Yellowed Linoleum - Resilient Flooring Stain Removal
Hardwood Floors: Installing, Repairing, Refinishing New! DoItYourself.com Interactive How-to Workshop. - hardwood floor forum, - Loan Center sponsored by Lending Tree. Installing a Tongue and Groove Floor - Interactive Tutorial - Installing Resilient Floor Tile - Interactive Tutorial - Installing Ceramic Floor Tile - Interactive TutorialAll About Hardwood Floors Hardwood Floors Refinishing, Repairing and Installation: - Introduction: Begin your project with an overview of hardwood floors, safety tips, and a list of useful terms. - Refinishing and Repairing Existing Hardwood Floor I: - Refinishing and Reparing Existing Hardwood Floor II: - Preparing the Room Sanding: - Sanding the Floor: - Applying the Stain: - Applying the Protective Finish: - Tools and Materials Checklist: - More on Repairing a Finished Wood Floor - Installing: - Preparation: - Preparing the Existing Floor: I - Locating the Layout Lines: - Applying the Adhesive: - Laying the Tiles: . - Rolling the Floor: - Tools and Materials Checklist: : - Installation: - Preparation: - Preparing and Repairing the Floor: - Planning the Floor: - Applying the Adhesive: - Laying the Planks: . - Checklist: Various Wood Floor Info: - Creaking Floors - Cut to the Quick - Electric Radiant Floor Warming: Simple Pleasure’s Afoot - Faux Plank Flooring - Lay a Slate Floor` - Lemon Oil on Hardwood - Patching Damaged Wood Floors - Restore a Floor's Natural Shine - Silence a Squeaky Floor - Sloping Floors - The Floor Score - Toilet Installed Over Hardwood - Wood Floor Care - Wood Floor Finishing - Wood Floor Sanding - Wood Floor Stain Removal - Wood Floor Stenciling
Carpet Fitter Fitting Guides How to install flooring.  Vinyl Installation - Wood Installation - Carpet Installation
HG Tv Floors Brick / Stone Carpets / Rugs Concrete Laminate / Vinyl Tile Wood Other New!
Floortex Maintenance and refinishing tips. With links to manufacturers' care procedures. Maintenance/ refinishing tips
Floor You Flooring guide.  Overview · Laminate ·-  Wood · Vinyl · Ceramic · Carpet · Comparison  
Inlays Winner of 10 National Awards for the most beautiful custom hardwood floors. To see marvellous exemples of : [Medallions] [Borders] [Parquets] [Panels]
Quick Step Installing a laminate flooring (PDF in       and more...) + videos.
This Old House Laying Engineered Wood Floors - Floor in a Flash Prefinished plywood goes down fast - Picking the Perfect Floor When choosing a new floor for your home, asking yourself a few key questions at the beginning - Linoleum Lives On Linoleum makes a comeback and proves it's not what you think. by Cynthia Sanz - Fast Fixes for Vinyl Floors Repairing your damaged resilient flooring is easy if your follow the tips outlined here.- Give Your Feet A Treat This new radiant-floor-heating system is relatively easy to install, won't leak and doesn't cost a lot to operate.- Fixing a Squeaky Floor Squeaky floors driving you crazy? These easy, surefire fixes will quiet noisy hardwood and carpeted floors.- Floored Custom-milled quartersawn oak and southern yellow pine give the Billerica floors a classic

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