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Dolls wild art dolls. General Dolls & cloth dollmaking instructions. - Wild Art Dolls, in PDF format. (And, see the dolls.) - Surface Design on Fabric

Alice's Home Page  Sketches of Gene sizeTitanic Suits - Pictures of Gene sizeTitanic Style Suit - Picture of Ready To Depart by Johanna(ScottR0822) - Picture of Mel with ready to depart  - Picture of Mel & Gene in Brown Titanic Gown - Alice's Gene Bags

Cely dolls Work book WEFTING DOLL HAIR - Have you ever wondered how to weft hair for your doll's wig? Here's how in a well-illustrated step-by-step article. MAKING EYES Here's an article showing how to make your own "glass" eyes for use in dolls. It is a technique that I invented using polymer clay and acrylic paint. MAKING BETTER HANDS You can improve your cloth doll's hands if you follow the tips in this piece on Cloth Hands. SHOEMAKING This will show you how to make better shoes for your cloth dolls, using my own techniques. STUFFING TECHNIQUES Here's a short excerpt from my book, CLOTH DOLLMAKING, showing how to get the most out of your stuffing. PRINTING ON FABRIC I have included a brief chapter from CREATING YOUR OWN FABRIC to show you how to prepare fabric for printing. ACCESSORIES FOR A PEDDLER DOLL You will read about how to make several different props for your peddler doll in this three-part article. Part One: Bottles, Part Two: Books and Part Three: Odds and Ends. JEWELRY-MAKING Here is an article about making that small-scale jewelry that is so necessary for your fashion dolls. FOR MORE BOOKS Click on this link to our catalog. You'll find books on sculpting, making hats and shoes, and more. We also have several helpful videos that will take you step by step through the dollmaking process. Portfolio - address book

Collection Barbie - Welcome to Collecting Barbie®, your premier resource on the art of Barbie® doll collecting. Here, you'll find lots of useful tips and information about doll values, collector favorites, and answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Crafty College  : make your dolls. Faites vos poupées

Diynet Do It Yourself. Dollhouses and Miniatures - African Dolls - Make a Victorian Lace Doll - Doll Wigging - Dollhouse Accents  Resources LaVerne Hall's Doll Contribution Program - Making Rag Dolls - Cloth Dolls: How to Make Them - The Rag Doll Handbook - Black Fiber Fill - Soft Dolls and Animals - Dollmaker's Journal magazine Related Projects Soft Sculpture Dolls - Paper Dolls - Porcelain Dolls - Doll Masks - Santa Fe One-of-a-Kind - Make a Victorian Lace Doll - Design a Dream Doll - Repairing Dolls - Make a Country Cornshuck Doll - Clothes on Dolls - Recycling Jeans Into Dolls - How to Stuff Toys, Dolls and Stuffed Animals - Tomato-Cage Dolls - Santa Fe One-of-a-Kind - Dolls Made of Recycled Things - Make a Country Cornshuck Doll - Hair for Soft Dolls - Mother Nature's Toys - Dollhouses and Miniatures - Time to Go Home

Epinions How to make a decorative hanging doll from those old throw away socks

Grand Rapid Museum Make a paper doll - Victorian paper doll

How to make Noah's doll  Introduction What is a ball-jointed doll? - STEP 1 Drawing up a plan & Making the core - STEP 2 The Base - STEP 3 Modeling & The base of hands - STEP 4 Setting eyes - STEP 5 Head and body - STEP 6 Arms - STEP 7 Legs and Joint caps - STEP 8 Drill Holes - STEP 9 Temporary Jointing  Japanese

Jewels Web Graphic  To make graphic dolls on your PC, and hox to animate them. Animated Signature DollsMaking Dolls Transparent - Making Dolls Blink

Mairmaid Mermaid doll  Patterns -  Body -  Arms -  Fish -  Head -  Face -  Composition -  Hair -  Dressing -  Merman body  Cloth Doll Class Kimono doll - Tall boy - Big girl - Mini doll - Clown pouch - Santa Claus - Slim Santa -  Boy Dolls Japanese

Marlaine Verhelst Marlaine's Gallery - Sculpting directly in porcelain by Marlaine Verhelst  - My animals are made out of paper mache/papier maché: how to create with paper mache?  - More dolls/Schedule of Marlaine's Workshops - Classes direct sculpting into porcelain

MI Kids Make a Corn Husk Doll just like one that Native American and pioneer kids made!

Modern dolls (Poupées Contemporaines) Home Page - About me - Doll as Art - Gallery - Books - Techniques Modeling the eyes - Sculpting nails or fingers - Choosing the fabrics  - Links- Guest Book - Links   Accueil - Qui suis-je? - La poupée d'art - Galerie - Livres - Liens  - Techniques - Livre d'or

Mommy Make-Me® Doll in PDF Create a special playmate for your child using their favorite out-grown

NIADA (National Institute of American Doll Artists). Home | Tips and technics | The Art of the Doll | Calendar of Events | Conference Info | Email

Our Canadian girl Learn how to make a clothespin doll

Poupées- dolls For a long time we cherished the idea to share our passion. This small museum created with dolls of " on 1860 in our days " represents models for the greater part very modests. Dolls that everybody in had. Dolls which give us the homesickness of our childhood. - Poupées de "1860 à nos jours" avec des modèles de poupées de porcelaine, baigneurs en celluloid, poupées en composition. (français/ anglais) Galeries de poupées/ dolls galleries Poupées diverses - Porcelaine - Composition - Celluloïd - Petites scènes - Poupées de Modes et Travaux - Mignonnettes - Bleuette -  Poupées de Pays

Rugmakers' Homestead Make a "Nettie" Doll from Rug Strip and a tribute to an old-time Rugmaker


Make your graphic doll on line

DollzMania Make your doll on the screen, with legs, heads, clothes...

Doll Palace (The) Another web site where to make graphic dolls

Kindeal Make your own doll online. Funny pictures, for kids.

Matmice Make your doll on the screen! Choose a body, heads, clothes...


Other Doll Sites

AADA - The Academy of American Doll Artists

Ankie Doll Art

AnneBe (Belgium)

Anna Balash: Dolls from Belarus

Artist Doll (The)


Audrey Swarz

Barb Spencer Dolls - Enchanted Attic Dolls

Beautiful Faces by Laurie Leigh

Beth Thomas

Bibi Pakketen Witteveen: Dutch dolls and clothes from natural products

Blossoms' Awesome Links

Claudine Roelens (Belgium)

Collect Dolls Mining Co.

Crossroads Publishing A Fine Art Doll Gallery

Darla's Japanese dolls

Doll Puppenmuseum Villach (Austria) - Museum of Contemporary Doll Art

Doll Art Company

Doll Arts

Doll Art Trade Show

Dollmaker - Gallery for Contemporary Doll Art - Antwerp (Belgium)

Doll Salon (The)

Dolls of Cloth

Dolls Start 4 All

Dorette van Ingen Schenau

Elvenwork direct sculptures and life-like animals

Enchanted Valley Studios

Exclusive Puppen Here(Germany)

Fan Dolls

Fashion doll couture Canada

Filopat (France)


Jane Darin Designs

Jurate - Cloth Art Dolls from Lithuania

Jannie Delange

King's Court Creations Ca

Leepinlausky - France

Leta's Art Dolls

Lia Bosch Nl

Mann Gallery: The Art of the Doll

Marie-Claude Dupont

Marika Spijkers (The Netherlands): One of a kind Dolls

Mielen Poppen - The Netherlands

Misty Mountains

Oggie Doll (english and german)

Oncord Studio Faerieonettes

Paradise Galleries - Porcelain Collectible Dolls and Collectibles

Paul Crees Collection

Penny Mason - Penny for your thoughts-3D Mixed Media Art Figures

Poppen Pagina - Nl

Poppen Start Belgium

Poppen Gilde

Puppenstube (The) New York

Ruth Schuhmann (Germany)


Thoryara Porcelain Dolls

Trollart (Germany)

Uta's Collectible Dolls - Germany (english and german)

Uwe Sörensen (Germany) Marionetten

Van Glo Doll Sit

Vicky's Fashion Doll Board

Wood Dolls


Doll and sculpting related sites


Teddy Bears

Billy Bear 4 Kids Pony Bead Teddy Bear - Bear in a Walnut Ornament - Make a Clay Bear ...make the Play Dough too! - Bean Bag Teddy Bear - Pom Pom Teddy Bears - Cinnamon Bear Ornaments - Winter Teddy Bear Bird Treats - Iron On Transfers

Making Julius making a bear of your own, will give you a basic knowledge of exactly what goes into the process and may tend to make you a more discerning collector. 

New Avenue Crew  fun fur facts - what is mohair? - how do you make a teddy bear? part I - how do you make a teddy bear? part II - how do you make a teddy bear? part III - a bear by any other name - collecting tips

NOETF Northwest Ohio Educational Technology Foundation - How to make a teddy bear [ Directions  |  Supplies  |  Tools ]

Teddy Borg How to make a teddy borg.


Teddy Bears  How to make a teddy bear.

Teddy Bear and Friends Meet Quackers, a great little teddy bear in duck clothing - Meet Claire and Colin, 12-inch, jointed panda bears - Little Benny, an unjointed bear on all fours .- Adam, a 16-inch jointed bear - Teddy Bears & Health - TeddyCrafts - Pioneers - Patterns

Teddy Bear Search "Bonjour" The bear simple as a Pie!

Paper Teddy Make a paper teddy bear.


Webrings: Teddy Bears on the Net - Kunsthandwerkerportal

Bear magazines: BärReport Teddys

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