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Trees & shrubs

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Loveliest of trees, the cherry now
Is hung with bloom along the bough,
And stands about the woodland ride
Wearing white for Eastertide...

A. E. Housman

Warning! These paintings are under copyright for commercial use.

La maison derrière les arbres par georges Braque
The house behind the trees by Georges Braque ©

Canopy The Benefits of Trees Urban Trees and Climate Change ¤<O>¤ Explore Tree Species ¤<O>¤ Planting Trees ¤<O>¤ Caring for Trees ¤<O>¤ Caring For Young Trees
Den Garden How to Grow Willow From Cuttings
Garden Illustrated The best trees for autumn colour
Garden Organic Trees for Wildlife

Weeping willow with your tears running down
Why do you always weep and frown?
Is it because he left you one day?
Is it because he could not stay?...

Weeping willow (from the film "My girl)
by Emma Jane Rae

Tree trunk by Edouard Manet
Tree trunk by Edouard Manet 1859 ©

Homes to Love Choosing the right types of trees for your garden
Houzz Tree Care: Common Tree Diseases and What to Do About Them
Monumental Trees the giant trees
Mother Earth News Propagate Like a Pro! Rooting Willow Shrubs is Easy, Inexpensive
RHS Royal Horticulture Society Trees and shrubs: native to Britain ¤<O>¤ Trees for smaller gardens
Spiralseed The Step By Step Guide to Creating Your Forest Garden
The English Garden Best trees for the ‘designer’ look
The Middle Size Garden The 8 best perfect-for-privacy garden trees
UMN University of Minnesota Extension : Leaf spot diseases of trees and shrubs
Wikipedia Tree ¤<O>¤ List of trees ¤<O>¤ Arboretum ¤<O>¤ Exploding tree ¤<O>¤ Fruit tree ¤<O>¤ Tree house
Wilson Bros Gardens How To Plant And Care For Cypress Trees & Shrubs

I plucked pink blossom from mine apple-tree
And wore them all that evening in my hair:
Then in due season when I went to see
I found no apples there...

Christina Rossetti

printemps, arbres fruitiers en fleur pas Claude Monet
Spring (flowering fruit trees) by Claude Monet 1873 ©

Scanned books

Trees ¤<O>¤ Trees : their natural history ¤<O>¤ Major flowering trees of tropical gardens ¤<O>¤ Trees, shrubs and roses ¤<O>¤ Trees : the definitive, easy-to-use guide to 200 of the garden's most important plants ¤<O>¤ Essential pruning techniques : trees, shrubs,conifer ¤<O>¤ Georgia & <O> Florida & <O> Texas & <O> Illinois : getting started garden guide : grow the best flowers, shrubs, trees, vines & groundcovers - Japanese inspired gardens ¤<O>¤ Local use of tree species and contribution of mixed tree gardens ¤<O>¤ Trees, shrubs and vines ¤<O>¤ Introduction to conifers : growing conifer trees and shrubs in your garden ¤<O>¤ Growing conifers

I sit beneath your leaves, old oak,
You mighty one of all the trees;
Within whose hollow trunk a man
Could stable his big horse with ease...

William Henry Davies


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