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 Cross stitch
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Sommaire travaux d'aiguilles - Needlework summary
Tapisserie, tissage
Tapestries, weaving

Free cross stitch patterns are for your personal use only!
N'oubliez pas que les grilles gratuites sont à votre seul usage !

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American Folk Arts - Cross stitch designs. Needlework supplies. Online Hardanger stitch diagrams. (USA) Hardanger lessons ¤<O>¤ History of American Motifs ¤<O>¤ Stitch Dictionary
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Teresagen Counted cross stitch
WikiHow How to Cross Stitch

Livres numérisés/scanned books

How to cross stitch : your step by step guide to cross stiching ¤<O>¤ Cross-stitch : more than 130 designs from trendy to traditional ¤<O>¤ Cross stitch patterns ¤<O>¤ First time embrodery ans cross-stitch : the absolute beginner's guide ¤<O>¤ Charted monograms for needletpoint and cross-stitch ¤<O>¤ 101 folk art design for counted cross-stitch and other needlecrafts ¤<O>¤ Donna kooler's 555 timeless cross-stitch patterns


English How to stitch a French knot 1 ¤<O>¤ 2 ¤<O>¤ 3 ¤<O>¤ 4 ¤<O>¤ Learn counted cross stich in 5 minutes ¤<O>¤ How to use Stitch EZ Cross Stitch Frame
Portuguese Ponto Cruz avesso perfeito com Josi Pereira 2º aula (A perfect cross stitch)
Italian Il punto croce con retro perfetto (basic rules of cross stitch)

Backstitch tutorial for embroidery and cross stitch (video 16')

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