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Fruit trees

How To Care For Fruit Trees (Video 3'40)

Three Secrets of Young Fruit Tree Care (Video 7')

Choosing and Caring For Backyard Fruit Trees (Video 7'40)

Fruits et légumes avec perroquet par Boudin
Fruits and vegetables with parrot by Eugène Boudin 1869

Lemon planting - how to from lemon seeds (Video in greek 9')

How To Grow a lemon tree from a seed (Video 8')

The lemon song by Led Zeppeling (Orchestral 6'20)

How To Grow An Apple Tree From Seeds (Video 3'30)

How to Care for Young Apple Trees (Video 11'40)

Cueillette des  pommes à  Eragny sur Epte par Pissaro
Picking apples at Eragny-sur-Epte (Picady) by Camille Pisssaro 1888 Museum of Art Dallas

I love apples song by children (Slideshow 2'15)

How to Grow a Cherry Tree from Seed (Part 1) (Video 2'20)

How to Grow a Cherry Tree from Seed (Part 2) Mame Potting (Video 3'15)

How to germinate Cherry tree from seed - without refrigerating or "stratification" (Video 18'25)

Cherry cherry by Neil Diamond (Video 3')

Fruits du Midi par Renoir
Fruits of the south by Pierre Auguste Renoir 1881 Art Institude of Chicago

How to Grow Apricots From Seed (Video 3')

Red & black fruits

Growing Strawberries: How to Grow the Best Tasting Strawberries (Video 5')

How to Build a Strawberry Crate Tower (Video 9'35)

Strawberry Fields Forever by the Beatles (Vidéo 1'20)

Strawberry Plant Care - Part 1 of 3 (Video 7')

Nature morte avec des pommes par Bonnard
Still life with apples by Pierre Bonnard Villa Flora Winthertur

Strawberry Plant Care - Part 2 of 3 (Video 8')

Strawberry Plant Care Part 3 of 3 (Video 4')

Growing Raspberries from Planting to Harvest (Video 4')

Nature morte aux  fruitss par Cézanne
Still life with fruits by Paul Cézanne

How to Plant Blackcurrants & Currants: Easy Fruit Growing Guide (Video 3'15)

Taking care of blackberries (Video 9'30)


How to Grow Melon (Cantaloupe) from Seeds of Fresh Fruit to Seedlings (Video 2'40)

Melon Growing. How to plant, grow and harvest - 1/2 (Video 4'15)

Melon Growing. How to plant, grow and harvest - 2/2 (Video 4'50)

5 Steps to Growing Watermelon (Video 9'45)

assiettes et melons par Matisse
Plates and melons by Henri Matisse 1906-07 Barnes Foundation

Exotic fruits

Growing kiwis from seeds (Video in italian 13'45)

Growing kiwis from seeds (Video in german 12')

How to Grow Dates from Seed (Video 2'50)

The Joy Of Growing Pineapples - How To Grow Pineapple Plants In Containers (Video 11'40)

How To Grow An Avocado Tree From Seed (Video 12'35)

Nature morte a pommes et raisin par Monet
Still life with apples and grape by Claude Monet Art Institute of Chicago

How to Grow Figs - Complete Growing Guide (Video 12')

Growing Lychee (Lichi or Litchi) From Seed (Video 8')

How to Grow Your Own Kumquats (Video 4'40)

Nature morte avec pommes  et poires par Camoin
Still life with apples and pears Charles Camoin


Growing Large Vegetables/Fruits in Containers #1- Tips for Success (Video 16')

How To Grow Watermelon #7- The Reveal - You Will Not Believe This(Video 5')

Terrace Garden : Easy way to grow Fruits & Spices Plants on Terrace (Video 4'20)

Coupe de fruits et pichet devant la fenâtre par  Gauguin
Fruit cup and pitcher in front of the window by Paul Gauguin National Gallery

Top 10 Fruits for health (Video 5'35)

Fruit Song for Kids (Video 3'20)

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